Hello and welcome, I am Nick Pearce a professional full time photographer and creative. Based in Cornwall, England I mentor and give tuition to photographers of all levels.

“nice view from here isn’t it

Throughout my career I have been rewarded the pleasure and opportunity to photograph in the private sector people, pets, places, wildlife, weddings and more. In the commercial and corporate sector, food, product, branding and head shots………a freelance with creative vision.

As a Virgo synchronised to the bio diversities of our planets flora and fauna, spend much of my time with camera ready to capture that special image. In my early years smitten by all sorts of creatures (a bit of a Gerald Durrell you may say) from here the inquisitive side of me led me to study other forms of nature, wildlife and the human form.

A passionate dog lover-owner where over the last twenty years have rescued-adopted numerous of the Labrador species both mine and my partners favourite. They are loving and dependable and no matter what the situation will be there for you….just like a marriage. Our ‘best friends’ mean so much to our soppy souls. From an early age I connected with my creative side so would study then pencil and charcoal draw my subjects. My wish was to end up an artist however as my education progressed I was steered towards technical drawing and becoming an engineer. The reality of earning a wage became priority over my thoughts of becoming the next Picasso! Later I switched direction and went into corporate management, moved away from this field and set up a communications company, moved on from here and set up my fine dining restaurant and photography business. Photogrpahy is my passion and being a creative has always been in my soul.

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