How we learn

Engaging photography workshops to suit all levels of photography at my studio, outdoor green-space or locations around Cornwall, Devon and Portugal. Whether you are just starting out in photography or looking to advance your skill with my flexible approach and relaxed style you will enjoy your day with ease.

THE DAY  We will start with a discussion on individual goals, followed by either a studio or on location dependant on which workshop you have chosen. With a group workshop I am available for advice throughout the day on an individual basis.

FIELD DAYS Easy and informal and taught at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Whether you are just starting out, looking to improve your current skill, or even an advanced shutterbug. At stunning locations throughout Devon or Cornwall carefully chosen to inspire your creativity. Practical and technical advice with individual guidance and hands on demonstration in the field will contribute to developing your creative side.

ONE-2-ONE Ideal if you prefer a more individual approach to tuition where you and I can work alone or you may bring along a non photographer friend or partner. 

GROUP TUITION  Teaching a small group will ensure “that you are not lost in the crowd”. These workshops are an ideal way to obtain invaluable photography knowledge with likeminded individuals. You are all here to achieve the same goal, learn new skills and have some fun along the way! 

The workshops

1. ESSENTIAL CAMERA SKILLS  If you looking to start out in photography, don’t have a camera? or just bought a Mirrorless, DSLR, Compact or Bridge  then this is where we begin. Starting with the basics, (switching the camera on and off!, only joking as I am sure you all know how to do this!) Understanding the controls, how to set up and customise your camera and just get you shooting confidently. I can offer chargeable hire for the use of a camera and lens should you not have one as yet. Or maybe your friend or partner would like to join you but does not have their own.

2. STUCK ON AUTO? Need to understand more and better yourself with your camera? Then you will love this workshop. Here you will gain confidence to get off auto and start to understand aperture, shutter-speed and manual modes. Understanding composition rules allowing to take more control of your images and be more creative.

3. SPEED-LIGHTING Here we will get to grips with how to add off-camera flash set ups with one or multiple flash guns. How to deal with harsh midday sun and the ability to create beautiful images with fill flash and ambient light. Understand how to freeze motion with flash.

4. MACRO AND CLOSE-UP. This area of photography opens up a whole new look on the world and what is around us. Tiny creatures and insects, flowers, surfaces and textures reveal detail that will just enthral you and blow your mind. Understanding the differences between a true 1:1 macro lens, a lens with macro facility and the use of extension tubes.

5. ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY. For those looking to learn or improve their wildlife or sports photography and anything that moves fast. Learn how to freeze motion, understand panning and time delay to create those action shots that give a sense of movement in a still image.

6. POST DIGITAL EDITING. You can shoot in JPEG or RAW mode to capture the digital data and from here you can manipulate the image within a software package. There are many third party to choose from including the manufacturers own however Adobe Lightroom is my favoured RAW editing software which has the ability to catalogue your images within. Great for creating searchable galleries.

Please email me here at with your enquiry then  I will contact you shortly with more information.. thank you….Nick

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